As soon as we suspect a health problem, we reach out to our family physician. The team of general physicians at JP Hospital is here to handhold you from the start to the cure. From the common cold to serious infectious diseases, we are here to give you the right information and the right course of treatment.
General medicine practitioners and consultants work closely with all the specialties in our hospital to give you a 360-degree exposure to all the health services you will need. They connect the dots to identify underlying conditions, explain symptoms and in need be refer you to manage your health better. For diseases requiring specialty care, we offer referrals to specialty doctors so you get the appropriate care especially for cancer, heart diseases, diseases of the gut, and even diabetes.

Our general medicine practitioners offer holistic health services including preventive screenings, vaccinations, and educative programs, to support you in infectious diseases, heart diseases, allergies, hormonal disorders, diabetes, and pneumonia, viral and malarial can be treated here with good outcome results.

JP Hospital is your home for several outpatient services such as a high-complexity laboratory, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG), joint injections, skin tag removal, spirometry etc..