JP Hospitals has a Women's care center offering a wide range of services with an aim of complete obstetrical and gynecological care. We counsel and manage high-risk pregnancies, menopause infertility, prenatal diagnosis, contraception, and family planning. We are also here to treat you for fibroid, ovarian cyst, (polycystic ovarian disorder) PCOD, hormonal problems, and menstrual problems.

The Women Care Center at JP Hospitals is well equipped with state of the art technologies to assist our specialists in aesthetic gynecology, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, gynec-oncology, urogynecology. Our team of healthcare providers is highly skilled doctors, nurses, and surgeons.

The services available at our hospital are obstetrics and gynecology consultations, reproductive health, regular health screening, HPV vaccinations, fertility treatments, labor services, prenatal and postnatal programs, specialty obstetricians and nurses trained in normal vaginal deliveries, minimally invasive surgeries including laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, ultrasound and laboratory services.