JP hospital is the best Accident and Emergency Care hospital in UPPAL, Hyderabad. Health emergencies can happen without warning and when they do JP hospital is ready to help with a dedicated team of medical professionals and highly equipped infrastructure. Every life threatening crisis is treated with the utmost care 24/7 by a team of ambulance response service, multidisciplinary doctors, nurses and paramedics.

Our rapid response team (RRT: medical and nonmedical staff) are trained in critical care and emergency are available round the clock to efficiently manage the golden hour. The RRT closely responds to early signs of events to prevent cardiac or respiratory arrest.

Patients requiring time-critical care are pushed straight to the resuscitation bay without any delay where a team of doctors and nurses access and start interventions to stabilize the vitals of the patient. The state of the art facilities in diagnostics helps us to access the medical state and start the right course of care right away. In case of emergencies call us at phone and our rapid response team will be prepared for your emergency.